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TRAVALA - Get discounts on over 3 million travel products worldwide

Receive up to a 4% discount automatically applied to your booking, as well as a giveback of up to 4% in $AVA once the stay is completed.

Gain access to the Smart Gold membership for the first 3 months!

BNB Chain - permanent discount off of all bsc news nft mints

Mint one of BNB Chain's free BAB tokens and enjoy a permanent 25% discount off of all future BSC News NFT mints on Rareboard.

Learn and earn - guaranteed prizes on a weekly basis

10% of all Learn and Earn prizes will be reserved to BSC News NFT holders. Each week, holders can enjoy HUGE prizes from our giveaways in collaboration with leading Crypto projects.

airdrops and whitelists

Receive the opportunity for airdrops and whitelist allocations on a regular basis within our holder-exclusive Discord channel.

richquack - boosted token allocation for all idos

Receive an extra 5% of tokens, airdropped straight to your wallet when participating in any IDOs on the RichQuack launchpad.

nftbmarket - Whitelist for all inos and metamarket discounts

All holders with 2+ NFTs are whitelisted for all INOs on the NFTb launchpad at the Silver tier. Those holding 1 NFT are whitelisted at the bronze tier.

All guild members can also enjoy 0% trading fees on their metamarket.

SecondLive - airdrop and bsc news nft metaverse gallery

All of our early holders received an airdrop for ultra-rare, BSC News Metaverse outfits.

We have also constructed our own land within their metaverse to host future events and more!

dinox - claim free nfts and more

Our early holders received numerous NFTs, such as Gen 1 Dino Eggs.
Join their Discord and verify that you hold a BSC News NFT to instantly claim 1 free liberation crystal.

We have many more exciting DinoX utilities coming soon for new BSC News NFT holders.

BINANCE - the World's 
Crypto centralized exchange

Deposit more than $50 within 14 days of registration and receive a free 100 USDT trading fee rebate voucher

DeFi Maximizer - maximize your returns in defi with our weekly newsletter

Get the latest DeFi alpha shipped directly to your inbox on a weekly basis from our Co-Founder and DeFi expert, Ben Antes.

bithotel - boosted apys on staking pools

Receive a 9% boosted APY (over 20% total) on their $BTH staking pools for simply holding one of our NFTs.

cryptosnack - free tickets to live rcd espanyol games in barcelona

Upon request, you are able to receive free tickets to any RCD Espanyol home games in Barcelona.

Safepal - the safest, easiest hardware wallet to protect your crypto

SafePal Wallet is the best crypto wallet for beginners and experts alike. Buy, sell and trade crypto – securely and on the go

Etoro - copy the best traders on the market with 0 effort (NON-US ONLY)

Etoro is a social investing site that lets you copy the best traders, with proven track records for success. Deposit $10 and become a profitable trader TODAY, with 0 effort!

Pi Network - join our team's mining group and get included in future pi giveaways

Pi Network is an extremely popular, free mining app that allows you to mine their native token by simply clicking 1 button per day.

Join our network of miners to be automatically entered into future Pi giveaways once the mainnet goes live.

Everdome - hyper-realistic metaverse

Gain access to our exclusive BSC News land within the Everdome metaverse and participate in our future events with popular influencers, celebrities and more!

polygod - pvp blockchain game based on norse mythology

Receive a permanent whitelist spot for their in-game $MYNT token farming platform

coinracer - multiplayer p2e racing game

Have a chance at winning 1 of the 30 Car NFTs airdropped to start competing and earning within their ecosystem.

raca - popular metaverse and gamefi ecosystem

Gain exclusive entry into future events on our BSC News land within their USM Metaverse.

Also receive an airdrop of a custom BSC News avatar to wander around their USM Metaverse in style.

Mogul Productions - nft marketplace at the intersection of web3 and film

All holders were whitelisted for their recent NFT collection Mogies.

We will be constructing official BSC News land within their upcoming metaverse, Mogieland. Private events will be held on this land, exclusively for our NFT holders.

Ten Finance - high quality, simplified defi ecosystem

All of our earliest holders received an airdrop of $1000 worth of $TENFI tokens.

We are currently working on implementing NFT staking for boosted APYs, natively on their platform.

- the leading decentralized money market on bnb chain


realfevr - web3 gaming ecosystem built around licensed sports digital collectibles


APESWAP - popular defi ecosystem on bnb chain

All NFT holders had a chance at winning 5 NFBs and 1 NFA
($600+ value at the time)

big time - exciting multiplayer action RPG

All holders received a Ruby Pass, granting them full access to the game.

X world games -
cross- game & cross-play Web3 gaming Ecosystem

All holders received an airdrop of X World Games NFTs, including Hero Cards and Dream Idols Fandoms.

X metaverse - 3d space p2e game on bnb chain

All holders were entered into a raffle for 10 Pilot NFTs.

D.g pals - multi-game, multi-genre NFT GameFi project

All holders received airdrops of:
- 1x Starter Bundle per NFT
-1x Explorer Bundle per NFT (for holders of Genesis/L.E DG Pals)
-1x Veteran Bundle per NFT (for holders of Genesis & L.E DG Pals)

Micropets - virtual p2e pet ecosystem

All holders received an airdrop for either a MicroPets baby NFT, or an adult., with random rarities.

Dark frontiers - Play 2 Immerse space-themed metaverse

All holders were entered into a raffle for 5x Alpha Suits and 5x Beta Suits to utilize within their immersive metaverse.

polychain monsters - virtual monster p2e ecosystem

All holders were able to claim 2x Polychain Monster NFTs for free.