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What is BSC News NFT?

10,000 premium access memberships that grant holders access to exclusive perks all around BNB Chain.
Lifetime Access to BSC News Premium Content

Get regular alpha from our dedicated team of analysts sent directly to your inbox.

Lifetime access to our Private Gaming Guild with 100% profit share

Gain access to our collection of over 10,000 Gaming NFT assets to compete in all the top P2E games & earn up to 100% of the profits.

B2B Marketing

With our “PMP” program, projects who purchase over $3k worth of marketing services from BSC News can do so through NFT mints & earn: 1 free press release per year, 1 month of free banner ads per year & floor price on all BSC News products while in the program. We will also be adding the feature to stake the NFTs & earn our customer reward token, which can be used as credits towards future marketing products!

Exclusive Perks provided by our Partners

Receive exclusive perks provided by our constantly expanding list of top-quality partnerships. Some examples of current perks we have available are: Metaverse access, INO/IDO allocations, free game NFTs & boosted APYs on DeFi yield farms.

Regular Airdrops and Whitelist Opportunities

Not only will we be occasionally distributing Airdrops from our long list of partners, we also consistently bring our holders opportunities to get whitelisted for popular upcoming collections across all Blockchains.

Our Partners

Here is a list of some of the partnerships we currently have in place. Our team is dedicated to constantly growing this list, so stay tuned!

Roadmap BSC News

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take the BSC News NFT.

Gaming Guild

All NFT holders will have access to our very own, holder-exclusive Gaming Guild. Holders will be able to come on as scholars, and gain immediate access to play among the various Blockchain games that we offer. At the time of writing, our treasury already contains over 10,000 NFTs.

Scholars will be able to access our NFTs completely free of charge. They will then be able to earn as close to 100% of the profits as possible from the numerous, popular P2E games that we offer.

Due to the fast shift in popularity with P2E games, we will continuously be updating our Guild assets to ensure that we always offer our scholars access to whatever games are trending at the time.

Our future vision for the Guild is to cultivate a clan of elite gamers to compete in future esports tournaments. The #1 Cyball player is already a key member of our community.

Below is a list of some of the GameFi projects NFT holders will receive access to :

Axie Infinity
Blockchain Monster Hunt
Puzzle Royale
Big Time

Premium Content

All BSC News NFT holders will gain lifetime access to exclusive BSC News premium content.

All BSC News NFT holders will gain lifetime access to exclusive BSC News premium content.

Premium Market Analysis
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Interviews with Market Leaders
Interviews with Market Leaders
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